• Stella Jansen

How will your business be affected by the end of Job-keeper?

That time has come… There is some good news however, as employment numbers are increasing and business confidence is growing. It appears that the Australian economy is ready to climb out of the 19 hole better equipped than many other countries.

But we all need to prepare and have a plan in place.

Is your business ready to handle any challenges and opportunities once the Job-Keeper payments cease?

It is important to be ready in case you are affected when cash safety nets are removed. How will you cover costs? How will you adjust your operations? Will you be able to keep growing revenue?

Cash flow is vital aspect of business. Do you have cash-flow plan and reserves in hand in the event of sales fluctuations over the next year? Cash can also help you capture opportunities that may arise. Getting the right working capital in place may help your business capture the opportunities that have come out of the pandemic.

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