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Retail Tax Deductions

The retail tax deduction for shop assistants is significant.

You will see that most tax benefits come in the form of tax deductions for out-of-pocket expenses that you incur during the year that your employer is not required to reimburse.

Meals and Travel: Retail Tax Deductions

While working overtime, you may claim meal expenses if you receive an enterprise meal allowance based upon an industrial award and that allowance is shown separately on your PAYG certificate. Without retaining receipts, you can claim the actual cost of a meal or up to the limit allowed by the Australian Taxation Office. Those claiming more than that amount must provide receipts.

· Whether you are travelling to or from an off-site meeting, conference, seminar, or training, you can claim travel expenses (such as parking, tolls, taxis, and public transportation).

· If you are required to stay away from home overnight for the purposes listed above, you may be eligible for a tax claim for the cost of accommodation and any meals consumed.

· You may claim the cost of a personal car if it is used for work-related travel, such as trips to meetings, conferences, trainings, banking, or to visit two different stores.

Uniforms and Protective Clothing: Tax Deductions

· In the retail sector, you can claim the cost of a uniform if the logo of your employer is permanently affixed to it.

· You may be able to claim a tax deduction for a variety of protective clothing items, including:

  • Safety equipment such as glasses, gloves, protective coats, high visibility clothing, and aprons

  • Sun protection items including sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

· Even if your employer requires you to wear specific items (such as business suits, specific-coloured clothes, certain brands, and items that your employer sells), you cannot claim the cost of conventional clothing.

· If you rent, repair, or clean any of the work-related or protective clothing listed above, you can claim those costs.

  • Under $150 in laundry deductions, you will not need to provide documentation. A tax officer calculates the cost of laundry at $1 for work-related clothing, or 50 cents for other laundry items.

  • You are required to keep receipts if you are claiming dry-cleaning or clothing repairs.

Equipment and Tools: Tax Deductions

· If work-related equipment and tools span less than $300 each, you can claim a tax deduction.

· Each item worth more than $300 must be depreciated over its useful life.

· If you use a business-related item for both business and private purposes, you can only claim the business-related portion of the item.

· Electronic equipment such as computers, iPad, and smartphones are usually eligible for a tax deduction for retail industry employees.

General expenses: Tax Deductions

Furthermore, all Australians can claim several deductions that apply regardless of where they work, including:

  • Conference and seminar fees

  • Reference books

  • Self-Education expenses and reference materials

  • Telephone and internet fees (for the work-related portion only)

  • Home office costs

  • Tax agent fees

  • Donations to registered charities

  • Income Protection Insurance

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