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Tax Deductions Engineers

Tax deductions for engineers are numerous. As an important part of our cities, roads and buildings we wanted to give you a few tips on what you can do to put some extra money in your pocket when you file your tax return.

Many of your deductions arise from incurred expenses that have not yet been reimbursed by your employer.

Tax Deductions for Engineers: Motor Vehicle, Travel and Accommodation

  • If you use your personal car for work purposes, including travel to meetings, conferences, or training outside your usual workplace, or when you visit patients at their homes, you may be able to claim the cost of the automobile. In order to provide an estimate of how many kilometres were driven, you need to keep a journal of your trips if you plan on claiming the costs associated with the use of your personal vehicle.

  • Work-related travel is considered a private expense, unless you regularly change employment locations, such as changing buildings or requiring you to carry bulky equipment that cannot be stored at work.

  • When traveling overnight or overseas, you can claim immediate reimbursement of all expenses incurred as long as you keep written evidence of expenses (such as diaries and receipts) and your employer does not reimburse you for the expenses incurred.

Tax Deductions for Engineers: Work and Protective Clothing

  • An item of clothing that is part of a compulsory uniform can be claimed for the cost of buying and washing it. Uniforms that are compulsory for employees are those that are required to be worn by your employer, identified as such (have a logo) or registered with Aus Industry.

  • A claim for all protective and safety clothing that may be necessary can also be made, such as steel-capped boots, safety glasses, high visibility vests and gloves.

  • Items that are not required to be worn by the company cannot be reimbursed. You cannot claim conventional clothes such as shirts or suits without a corporate logo, even if you wear a suit everyday to work

Tax Deductions for Engineers: Home Office

  • Home Office - If you conduct some of your business from your home office, you may be able to deduct some of the costs. Almost $0.52 per hour can be deducted by the Taxation Office in order to cover heating, cooling, lighting, and general office furniture depreciation. Separate expenses can be claimed for items such as stationery, telephones, Internet, computers, etc.

Tax Deductions for Engineers: Other Expenses

  • Protective equipment that is necessary for your employment, such as hardhats, steel-toed boots, and sunglasses, can be claimed.

  • Union dues and association memberships can be claimed.

  • Claims can be made for first aid courses and the renewal of licenses and certifications.

  • You can claim for the cost of education that is sufficiently related to your current employment in order to boost your salary. In addition to fees, books, and stationary, travel expenses are also incurred.

  • A course designed to improve your chances of finding a job cannot be claimed.

  • Purchases of work-related equipment under $300 are eligible for immediate reimbursement. A depreciation expense can be claimed if the equipment cost more than $300.

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