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Tax Deductions Police

Police officers are eligible for a number of tax deductions. Keeping all the appropriate receipts in mind, and gathering them ahead of time, is always a good idea if you want to get the most out of your tax return and save some money.

Tax Deductions for Police: Meals and Travel

  • Travel between two workplaces can be claimed

  • A trip to and from work can't be claimed if it's simply a general commute, but it can be made if a bulky piece of equipment cannot safely be stored at work

  • Owning a car and paying for its upkeep are the only requirements to claim car expenses.

  • If you are paid an allowance for overtime meal expenses, you can claim them.

Tax Deductions for Police: Clothing

  • It is possible to claim the cost of purchasing and repairing police uniforms.

  • As part of your duties, you may be required to wear protective clothing and footwear, including:

  • Overalls

  • Safety hats, glasses and gloves

  • Steel-capped boots

  • Heavy duty protective shirts and pants

  • Although the police may require specific clothing items for compliance (such as business suits, specific colours, or specific brands), conventional clothing is not deductible.

  • Taking into account the costs of renting, repairing, or cleaning any of the protective or work-related attire mentioned above, you may be able to claim:

  • If your tax deduction claim for laundry is under $150, you do not need to submit written documentation. According to the Australian Taxation Office, two loads of work-related clothing will cost you $1, or 50 cents if you include other items in your laundry.

  • Documentation of dry-cleaning and clothing repair expenses is required

  • It may be possible to deduct shoes, socks, and stockings if they are an essential part of a distinctive compulsory uniform, whose characteristics (colour, style, type) are specified in the uniform policy of your employer. It is crucial to enforce uniform wear continuously. Your employer must register a uniform before you can claim a deduction if they require that you wear one but do not enforce wearing it consistently

Tax Deductions for Police: Tools and Equipment

  • The costs of repairing your tools or equipment for work may be claimed.

  • Under $300 in equipment can be deducted immediately.

  • The cost of ammunition issued to police officers while performing their duties can be deducted from your taxable income.

  • If you purchase additional or more sophisticated equipment for work-related activities than that which is normally supplied by the police department, you can claim gauntlets, holsters, hand grips, handcuffs, holders, pouches, utility belts, etc.

Tax Deductions for Police: Self-Education

  • Claims can be made for the cost of attending seminars, conferences, and education workshops. Training costs include meals, accommodations, and travel.

  • If you do not earn your income directly through your current job then you cannot claim any expenses associated with self-education. Training aimed at fostering employment or income-generating activities, for example.

Tax Deductions for Police: Informant Expenses (if not reimbursed)

  • You compensate an informant for information about specific police matters you are engaging in by paying them out of your own pocket. Payments for informants may be made in the form of:

  • cash, or

  • goods, such as cigarettes or a snack including sandwiches, orange juice or a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Policies and procedures regarding these payments vary from police service to police service. This policy and procedure should be familiarized before making a claim.

Tax Deductions for Police: Other Expenses

  • Police officers who require high levels of fitness can claim fitness expenses.

  • Some business expenses may be deducted if you perform some work from home. Taxation allows a deduction of $0.52 per hour for expenses such as heating, cooling, lighting, and depreciation of general office furniture.

  • The cost of union and professional association fees can be claimed.

  • You can claim a deduction for self-education expenses incurred in attending training courses and seminars.

  • You can claim a deduction for expenses you incur in maintaining and training police dogs.

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